Into Infinity... - Rigel Centaurus В бесконечность...

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Into Infinity... Rigel Centaurus
Rigel Centaurus
Into Infinity...
Space, Ambient
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Moving in the sparkling reality of celestial objects is a dream of all dreams. Climbing the world's roof you see the miracles that can't be described. They just exist and live their lives as they want. Comets float in sweeping motions. When tired - they fall. Fluffy dust clouds are shaping for years and for the eye of the observer look like fixed sculptures. The lonely starship paves the route through countless parsecs. It is set for a timeless journey to a closer interesting star and now it's drifting to infinity and beyond.

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Posted by USC on 19 June 2012
Tags: interstellar, infinity, universe, stars, sun, cosmos, eternity, discover